Thomas Reid on Mind, Knowledge and Value

Thomas Reid on Mind, Knowledge and Value

This volume offers a fresh view of the work of Thomas Reid, a leading figure in the history of eighteenth-century philosophy. A team of leading experts in the field explore the significance of Reid’s thought in his time and ours, focusing in particular on three broad themes: mind, knowledge, and value. Together, they argue that Reid’s philosophy is about developing agents in a rich world of objects and values, agents with intellectual and active powers whose regularity is productive. Though such agents are equipped at first with rudimentary abilities, those abilities are responsive. Our powers consist in a fundamental and on-going engagement with the world, a world that calls on us to be flexible, sensitive, astute, and ultimately, practical. Thomas Reid on Mind, Knowledge, and Value represents both the vitality of Reid’s work, and the ways in which current philosophers are engaging with his ideas.

  • Original papers on one of the great modern philosophers
  • Engages with a variety of key topics
  • Represents the state of current scholarship on Reid


  1. Todd Buras: Thomas Reid’s Experimentum Crucis
  2. Chris Lindsay: Reid on Instinctive Exertions and the Spatial Contents of Sensations
  3. Marina Folescu: Perceptual and Imaginative Conception: The Distinction that Reid Missed
  4. James van Cleve: Four Questions about Acquired Perception
  5. Lucas Thorpe: Seeing White and Wrong: Reid on the Role of Sensation in Perception
  6. Rebecca Copenhaver: Thomas Reid on Aesthetic Perception
  7. Rachel Zuckert: Thomas Reid’s Expressivist Aesthetics
  8. Laurent Jaffro: Reid on Aesthetic Response and the Perception of Beauty
  9. Patrick Rysiew: Pragmatism and Reid’s ‘Third Way’
  10. Angélique Thébert: The Defense of the First Principles of Common Sense in Reid’s Epistemology: A New Use for Track-Record Arguments
  11. Gregory Poore: Theism, Coherence and Justification in Reid’s Epistemology
  12. Terence Cuneo: Does Reid have Anything to Say to (the New) Hume?
  13. Lewis Powell and Gideon Yaffe: Reid on Favors, Injuries and the Natural Virtues of Justice

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